“Hey Ezrai, do you remember me?” The boy named Theoden hopefully stared at me. I gazed up at him before nodding. I remembered him. I knew him. How could I not? He was my brother! He was the one who was always there for me. I loved my big brother. I smiled and curled my fingers into a fist before holding it up. Theoden fist bumped my hand. It was a ritual. Every time we first saw each other each day, we would hold out our hands and fist bump.

“Theo,” My mother’s harsh voice carried and cast my ears in a moment of agony. “You do remember what the specialist said.” It wasn’t a question- that much was clear. Theoden put his hand over mine and squeezed it. He smiled and I knew that I was going to be fine. My brother was there to protect me. He frowned.

“Are you ok, Theo?” I asked him. My ears were getting used to the sound of my own voice now; and to other sounds. Theo nodded.

“Theoden James Wright. Get outside now. Andrew, get the specialist.” Mum ordered. I gulped. She gave me a cold glare and then changed it to a sweet smile. “You….you just stay there honey.” She took Theo by the arm and marched him outside my door.

By now I had recognised where I was. I was in the hospital in the city that I had never been to before. No one knew what type of research that the top floor was reserved for.

“Dad, what floor are we on?” I asked curiously. His eyebrows knitted together in deep thought. He sighed and looked out the one window which I now saw was bolted shut. Creepy.

“We’re on the top floor.”

The End

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