“Where am I?” I asked. The boy glanced at his companions uneasily. “Who are you?”

He looked hurt. I felt bad; I didn’t want to hurt this boy. I felt like I knew him, I felt like I knew all of them- I just didn’t know how.

“I guess you hit your head a little harder than we thought.” He laughed. The sound was loud and pure and I winced.

“I’m sorry… I just don’t….”

“It’s ok, dear, you don’t have to apologise. It’s not your fault. I’m your mother. This is your father and that’s your brother Theoden.” The ladies voice wavered and I looked deeply into her eyes. And I remembered. A rush of memories and emotions filled me up and I reached out my arm.

“Mum,” I whispered. She hesitated before smiling at me. She didn’t take my arm, only clutched her husband and my father’s arm tighter. I dropped my arm. It was too hard to keep upright anyway. “Dad?”

“Ezrai….” He said quietly. He looked happy. I was happy. But who or what was Ezrai?

The End

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