The Clockworks

Victoria bell lay awake, arms folded loosly across her chest, staring at the ceiling. the room was blue with the sombre light of early morning, as was the ceiling, which victoria's gaze was now drifting away from. she sighed and turned bleary eyed to the night table, feeling numbly around for her glasses. Once again, Victoria had been pressed awake by the crushing feeling she was missing something important, some puzzle she was meant to be solving, task she alone could fufil. there were discoveries to be made, breakthroughs to be broken through and all Victoria was doing was lying awake in her pjama's, glasses crammed messily on her face, wishing she were doing something at least remotly important. snatching her glasses back from her face she rolled over in bed and pulled the white fluffy covers over her eyes.

i should get something or whatever...she thought- okay, fine. said a voice in the back of her head. get up, see what i care... fine! she sat up and slammed her glasses back on, her resolve etched onto her face.   Five minutes later victoria bell sat at a bedraggled silver laptop, wishing she were still in bed. after having checked facebook, twitter and msn for any friend she could possibly talk to she had decided to look up random words on the dictionary app and see if anything exciting happened. as can be expected from the dictionary app, nothing exciting did happen, and she tired quickly of the words "find any word in the blink of an eye" bombarding her constantly from the top bar.  well, why not look up bombard? she quickly typed the first three letters into the bar to see what it came up with. bomb, bomb bay, bomb days.... Victoria was now so irrivokably bored that she clicked the laptop shut and slammed her head dramatically, and perhaps a little to hard, against it's shiny silver albeit deckled top. the numbers on the clock flashed 5:56 in green light. She shut her eyes tight and rolled from her chair onto the softly carpeted floor, were she soon found sleep.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP "augrgh, what?!" SLAM!! "ARRGGG!!!" victoria's head whacked hard into the bottom of her writing desk, random bits of stationary rained from it, rolling across her chair. the alarm clock continued its obnoxious rant as the beeps began to speed up (BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP!!!) and eventually mold together to a high pitched whine (EEEEEEEEEEE!!!) "UGH, snooze! snooze!!" victoria shouted over the racket, forgetting her alarm clock was not voice activated (though a voice activated alarm clock would certianly be in her room the moment they produced a prototype) she slammed a hand down hard upon the button on its top as she slumped back down to the floor, nursing her head and groaning quietly. School...


one rushed morning later victoria sat sleepily in her desk, eyes drifting out of focus as she struggled to hear the drolling voice of Mr. hacket above the humming of the housefly somewere around her ear. somewere across the room, malissa leaned towards her  "pssst, tory!" "euh.." tory grunted. malissa waved a note loosly at her and gave a sideways glance at the preocupied Mr. Hacket before tossing it at victoria. it over shot her by a meter or so and it took every ounce of energy tory possesed at the moment to lean across to fetch it. forehead  cradled in the palm of her hand, she slowly crinkled the note open in the other.

T, going to store after school, monica, lily and rein are in to. you?

victoria sighed and turned her eyes lazily back to melissa, signaling "no" with a shake of her head. melissa shrugged curiously "why" to which tory responded by laying her head in her hands and pretending to sleep "tired". WHACK, "ouch!"Mr. hacket's white board pen ricocheted off the empty chair in front of her, missing her by an inch. "Ms. bell i would kindly ask you to look to the front during my lesson" drolled Mr.hacket monotonously, producing from his pocket a second pen and turning back to the book from which he was copying. tory looked back at melissa who signaled "tired" again and rolled her eyes.


The End

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