Baroness Mercy looked out her window in her chateau, which stood over the rest of the small town. The Baroness was born into a aristocratic family. Mercy was one of those children that liked to run wild and spend freely, believing that the money her parents had would never end. After all, her father was the mayor of Everton. There wasn't much to Everton other than a small school and a laboratory where the scientist worked day and night, making new creations. 

To the east of Everton was a large coal mine were the commoners and peasants worked. Not all the commoners worked in the mines though, it was mainly a job for the peasants on the outer edges of the town. Most of the commoners in Everton worked either in stores or owned their own store. Then there were the aristocrats. The highest of the high, the rulers of the towns. Many were mayors, others were governors, then finally the King. The land wasn't technically under a monarchy by definition. The King was in fact elected by the commoners, to which then the mayors would vote, and finally it would reach the three governors. If the governors approved, the King would be sworn in, if not, the process would once again restart. 

Mercy unlaced her corset, finally being able to breathe again. She hated the thing but she never told her mother because all the noble ladies wore them, even some of the common women wore them. It was deemed fashionable for the time. For Mercy though, it felt as if her breathing was being constricted. She couldn't wait until the four scientists of the town invented a newer corset that didn't constrict breathing as much as the regular corset did. 

"Mercy, supper is ready." Her mother called.

Mercy put on an evening gown and proceeded to walk down stairs. The Kinelly's chateau was the talk of the time. The first building to be built on such a massive scale. Many envied it because it was the only house that wasn't powered by coal, but by natural gas. For the Kinelly's, this made them feel superior to all the other aristocrats. 

Mercy smelt the food from the second floor, and the dining room was on the first floor. It smelt as if Claire had put forth even more effort in making their food. Though Claire was one of the most renowned cooks in Everton and the outlying cities, she found herself in Chateau de Kinelly, working for the most prominent family on the East Coast. 

Mercy walked down the grand staircase which led straight to the dining room. Standing before Mercy was Professor Hawley's newest, and most productive invention; the human robot. They were still under development, but Hawley felt as if the Kinelly's should be the first family to try it. For the most part, they worked. 

"Took you long enough young lady!" Her father said, sitting at the head of the table. 

"Sorry father, but I felt as if I should look proper for evening supper." Mercy replied, then curtsying to the group of people.

As usual, the Kinellys had some other aristocratic family over. No doubt it was to find Mercy a marriage partner. Tonight's guest were the Hopkins. Lady Nora and her husband Lord Humphrey Hopkins. Mercy smiled at the other family, then took her seat. 

"Lady Nora, how is Isaac these days?" Madame de Kinelly asked. 

"Ah, he is doing well. Especially in his studies. I always knew our boy had a gift." Lady Nora replied.

"Yes, a gift! A gift with the ladies that is." Lord Humphrey said, giving a hearty laugh to follow.

Lady Nora's face grew red, then she smacked her husband with her fan. "Humphrey! Where are your manners? I apologize for my husband's actions." 

Baron Kinelly too laughed at Lord Humphrey's joke. Trying to cover it up, he started to cough, but it only made it worse. Madame de Kinelly sat there, glaring at her husband. She was clearly displeased.

"Dinner, is served!" Claire said sitting the many plates on the long table. 

The End

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