Silas. “If Aiden swore an oath that he could never break, that would join him to us, through the girl’s life, and bound him as a Guardian, meaning he would have to be under our command, and would do every duty that is asked of a Guardian. If he broke the oath, then the girl would die.” There was uproar from the Guardians. The boy continued on. “He must take three of us with him to Earth, and he must never return to the Dark Realms, unless we permit it.” The boy tilted his chin up, despite the negative comments on his preposition from the others.
“Who would we take with us?” Silas said uncertainly as he spoke above the hubbub. There was silence.
“Well, I can’t be sure who yet.” He said sheepishly, his confidence faltering slightly. Silas considered this a moment, then nodded slowly.
“What do you know that we don’t Michael?” It was Eve. Michael glanced towards her and smiled ruefully.
“Amor vincit omnia,” he stated simply.
The old language was well known to them all. Even Aiden knew the meaning. Love conquers all. There was an even bigger uproar than before. Aiden’s laughter rang out above the other voices. They fell silent again.
“Amantes sunt amentes. Lovers are lunatics. I’m afraid you’re mistaken. I have never loved, and I never will. My people do not love. So you’re prophesy is wasted on me. I’ve never even met this girl. I have nothing to loose.”Aiden said self-assuredly. Silas glanced towards his son one final time, communicating something silently. Michael nodded with purpose. Clearly, his son knew something he didn’t, but he trusted him. Silas smiled, his own assurance slipping through his smile.
“So you agree to our terms?” Silas asked Aiden.
“I agree.” He said without hesitation.
“Good. Then step into the centre of the pentagram and listen to what you must do, and then repeat after me.”

The End

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