Silas perked up. He clasped his hands together.
“Good. Now let’s make a deal.”
“How about a compromise? You let me out, and I let you keep your Guardian club and this citadel when I own the universe. It’s a generous offer, you have to admit.” Aiden nodded to himself, a faint smile drifting on his lips.
“No.” Silas paused. “You see, your options are: one, listen to what we have to say and agree to the deal. Or two, you die.” Silas was pacing around the pentagram now, he had a rhythm, and it was clear he was just getting into it.
“Well, I may consider it if I knew what you were even talking about... I came here because I needed the navigational star, and a glamour so the humans can’t see me. I don’t know what girl you’re talking about, I only wanted access to Earth. I don’t even know who ‘the girl’ is.” The agitation was clear on his face. Silas answered him, confusion lining his face.
“You really don’t know, do you?” Silas paused, and all the guardians ‘ eyes were on Aiden. He shook his head. “You’re Father must have kept it from you…” Silas’ eyes squinted. “Now why would he do that?”
Aiden sighed. “Oh I don’t know, maybe he knew it held no importance to me.”
Silas shook his head. “Oh it holds importance, alright. This girl is special, she’s the key; she’s our light, all of ours. She will restore everything back to how it should be, but in the end she must make a decision. It doesn’t matter if you have control over the Earth, you have the girl on your side, and you have control over everything. She will lead our worlds out of darkness, and back into the light. She must have been what you’re Father sent you looking for, he knows all the prophesies. Why would he keep this from you? Why would he-“
“I’m special too,” Aiden interjected playfully. Silas was pacing again, and ignored yet another comment from Aiden. “Look, you shouldn’t get so hung up over this girl. It’s unhealthy. Now, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t mind if I have the girl or not, but I need to be on Earth, and so do you. So whatever gets me to where I want to go; is what I’ll do.”
Silas turned to the left of him, and began conferring in low undertones with a dark muscled man. Finally, they seemed to settle upon an agreement, and Silas turned back to Aiden, and raised his voice once again.
“We have all the resources you’ll need. Money, a place for you to stay, the right story to tell if someone asks about you, we’ve thought of everything. No one can teleport between worlds. But we suspect, you can, if you know where you’re going and what to do, if you don’t mess up that is.” He stopped a second, awaiting Aiden’s reply.
“I don’t mess up. We dark folk believe there is no room for mistakes, unlike you lot.” Silas shot him a look, and Aiden began talking again. “So let me get this straight. You expect me to bring back the one thing that will bring power back to the Guardians and restore your ability to destroy my realm, my father and my people?”
“Yes.” He nodded.
“Tell you what. I’ll do it. All for the very small price of letting me free so I can get on with my life,” he said agitatedly.
“Father, I have an idea.” A boy stepped out from the opposite side of the star to Silas. He looked to be an exact younger replica of Silas.

The End

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