Aiden: CompromiseMature

Thud. He landed perfectly. Though he had appeared out of thin air they had been expecting him, they knew he would come. The boy stayed in his crouch a moment, feeling the thick, golden rays beat onto his black hooded robes, feeling it radiate through his body as if this was the first time he had ever felt the sun. In one fluid motion he flicked his hood up, and looked around. If he was stunned, he didn’t show it. His perfectly symmetrical face was a placid mask of arrogance. There were eight people on each point of a white stone star set in the ground of a desolate marketplace in the centre of the citadel. The people around the edge of the star were wearing flowing white robes, the exact opposite of the boys’ own. Their skin was golden and their hair was sun-bleached, a stark contrast to his pale skin and chasm of black hair and bottomless blue eyes that seemed like embodiments of darkness and deceit. Beyond the star lined with people were small –and large- roads, alleyways and causeways leading off in different directions. There were throngs of people milling around stalls and shops selling objects that few could ever think of. The strange thing was, it was all golden, all of it. It was all a light golden hue of colours, even the burnt copper-gold sky that was void of clouds was uplifting. “Aiden.” The boy responded immediately to his name. His head snapped round lithely and his body sprung into an opposing position with ease. He focused his full attention on the man at the head of the star.
“Silas is it? I thought I’d come and drop by, meet your precious Guardian club and all. You know, seeing as we’ve never met before.” He spoke solely to the man, and his eyes never left his as he made vague hand motions.
“Well as a matter of fact, we have. But that’s not why we’re talking.” There was silence for a beat. “We’re compromising if you will. We want to make a deal. We know what you’re searching for.” He looked towards Michael, then back at Aiden. “ We know where she is, but we need you to get us there.”
“Where who is? And what makes you think I would help you?”
Aiden’s head tilted up, his eyes were hard and mocking, but there was an arrogant sheen to them. There was a distinct snort that rang out through the air. All eyes glanced towards the source. It was a girl with bright red hair and yellow cat eyes. A flame flickered along the palm of her hand, like an oil slick set alight. Her eyes burned wildly with a flame that could not be snuffed.
“Idiot. We’ll kill you. Even if you did escape by some kind of miracle you’d never find her, you don’t even know where to start looking. The humans would notice your different to them, you’d scare them, you’d scare her. I mean, look at you. Your-” She gestured towards him, blinking oddly, as if she couldn’t quite take him in. “You’re not the only hybrid around here.” She looked as if she might go on, and parted her thin lips to speak.
“Eve,” Silas scorned. A silent command. Eve nodded, pursed her lips together, and stepped back slightly, with her head hung low.
“Aiden, you must believe me. You cannot find her without our help. You have no-where to stay, you know nothing about her. You need us. You need our help.” Silas’ body was stiff and rigid. His blonde hair rustled in the slight breeze and his blue eyes burned. Aiden’s eye’s widened in mock surprise. He splayed his hand out over his chest.
“What are you talking about? You need me?” Aiden stepped out of the centre of the star, closer to Silas, a smile lingering on his lips, he seemed to be playing along with the game. There was a moment where Silas’ façade faltered, and he sighed.
“I must admit, I do feel loved. However you haven’t persuaded me to help you. What would I gain for it? What if I never gave her to you? What if I killed her? You couldn’t do anything about it.“ Smugness entered his voice as he spoke this, and a smile graced his lips, victorious and chivalrous. The Guardians around the star began to whisper to one another, some snorted, most laughed in disbelief, but they escalated until Silas final lifted a hand to silence them.
“Well you see Aiden, as long as you are contained within this pentagram you cannot leave. It is capable of holding any demon, necromancer or any other dark creature for that matter. It represents all eight of the realms, and the ninth is Earth where you are standing. Escape is impossible, unless it is permitted by one of the Guardians you see before you now, which I highly doubt will happen. If you attempt to step outside of the circle you will be burned to a cinder. So I suggest not trying to get to close to the edge of it. The only other way you could get out of it is to form an alliance with us, which is your only option considering you’re not going to become one of us anytime soon.”
“Maybe… I should test you’re pentagram.” Even as he said it, he stepped backwards, into the centre.
“You would die trying.” It was Silas’ turn to be smug. He had trapped Aiden, and he knew it. There was a few seconds pause as Aiden’s eyes flitted along the rim of the eight pointed star they called a pentagram. There was a blue ring running around the outside of the circle around the star. He swallowed.
“Fine.” His voice was flat, emotionless. He was devoid of control over the situation. How ironic that his key to victory was his demise.

The End

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