Clutching the key tightly, I closed my eyes again, and the enchanting landscape receded from my vision, and replaced by something quite the opposite.
A dark, desolate landscape enveloped me. A black desert swamped me. An icy wind bit at my cheeks, and the crashing of waves intruded on my senses. The place smelt of death and decay, looked like something from nightmares and felt like a winter desert. A wind whipped my hair around my face. I tried to look around me, to get my bearings.
There was a gothic castle and a clock tower. There were dusty roads leading to places I’d rather not think of, where anything might happen. It looked like an old twisted, run down fairground. Crows and ravens cawed menacingly in the distance, swarming, looking as if they may be coming this way. They sounded like death-calls. This place chilled me down to the bone. I clutched my arms around me as a black swirl of dust and smoke blew through my hair, choking me. I collapsed to the ground, gasping for air, only to find there was no ground beneath me. Claws scratched at my face, grabbed at my clothes, lifting me up. My vision started to blur from the lack of oxygen, until everything went black for an immeasurable amount of time.
Ice-cold water splashed around my body. Black waves crashed over my head. The birds were swarming above me, cawing maliciously in a way that almost seemed like laughter. I was drowning, sinking in this black sea of water. Kicking was futile; there was no way I was getting out. As my body began to feel numb and my senses started to fail, I faintly felt arms wrapping around me for a second, and the next being immediately out of the water on dry land, choking and gurgling.

The End

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