Ella: DreamingMature

A light breeze tousled my golden hair. My eyes were closed, yet I felt no need to open them. I was content, lying in the grass my dream had created. I could feel a warm sun blazing in the sky; making the air I breathed smell crisp and fresh. The heat radiated through me, warming me from head to toe.
Revelling in the presence of the warm sun around me I thought: I could stay laid on this soft grassy hill forever. There was something about this place that made me think that I would always be safe. Maybe it was the warm light that the sun radiated, or maybe it was the soft wind that was as refreshing as an ice-cold drink on a hot summers’ day. Either way, I knew I would always be safe here. This was my safe haven, my true home. It was so peaceful, serenity seemed to float in the air, entering my lungs and filling my body.
I had never once opened my eyes in this dream. Though I had dreamt it at least twice already, I had never seen what was around me, had only guessed. Whenever I tried to open my eyes, the image faded rapidly. And now, I was afraid that the image the warmth had created in my mind would fade away and I would be left with nothing, and the warmth of the sun would be gone along with it. Whatever it was that was around me, I would take the risk of losing it just to see it.
A dark shadow blocked out my sunlight.

The End

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