The glimmering, hooked silver knife slid out of its’ sheath, making a metallic sound ring out through the air as it did so. Though there was little light in the room, somehow the knife flashed in the dim light as it was held to the petrified man’s throat. The killer grinned viciously, a victorious smile creeping across his face. The old man swallowed convulsively under the cold, cutting edge of the knife that was pressed against his neck mercilessly. “Aren’t you going to say anything? The first time I meet you and you can’t say a word, can’t even manage a smile. ” The knife on the mans’ neck cut down into the skin ever so slightly, making a trickle of blood run down from his wrinkled neck. He sucked in his breath, grunting as he did so. He was able to move his mouth again, his lips forming words.
“We should have known that this had not yet ended. But-“The boy’s scathing laugh cut him off. He seemed to be enjoying himself.
“But you didn’t know I even existed. No-one did. Surprise.” The sarcasm was thick and viscous in the boy’s voice, coated in a layer of mockery for good measure. The old man coughed under the blade.
“We did know you existed. We made arrangements for you. We know what you want. I knew you would come, that today would be my day of dying. I have been saving it for this exact point in time.”The man heaved a heavy breath as the boy laughed.
“What are you babbling about old man? No-one knows. They couldn’t possibly. People would have thought it impossible that a man like my father could have a son. And as for your prophesy- it makes no difference, I will not spare you’re life over petty rumours of a future that is not going to happen. The war will never end, unless I make it end. All I have to do is kill you, and then I will have access to the Golden City, which means access to the Navigational Star, then Earth. Simple.” The killer flicked his head to one side, flicking his fringe out of his eyes. There was an arrogant tone to his voice. It was saturated with self-assurance and scorn. The man’s eyelids fluttered closed briefly, before flying open just as quickly as they closed. He took a heavy breath.
“Your future isn’t something you can run away from Aiden, the things that are coming, you have to be prepared. Choose your enemies wisely because you don’t have a choice in your allies,” the main whispered breathlessly.
“My future? My allies?” He narrowed his eyes into glaring slits full of channelled fury.
“Ha. You... have no idea, do you? He never told you about her? Not even mentioned her once?” Through the pain the man spoke, his voice thin and whispery. “She would have spared you so much pain.”
“Your right.” He whispered. The knife in his hand shook with his rage, the blade sinking deeper into the man’s flesh. Slowly, he closed his eyes, pushing down on his anger, forcing it deeper within him, until he was completely calm again; the anger was only visible in the bottomless chasms of his eyes.
“So young. She would have been disappointed in you Aiden, your Mother. She loved you’re Father, and you’re Father loved her like the sun. She wanted you to lead our worlds into the light, into a balance between good and evil. Yet you’re determined to lead a life as destructive as your Fathers’. Don’t you see? It’s out of our hands. It’s already begun!” The man was staring ahead of him now, his eyes blank and unseeing. Aiden’s breathing came in slower, more controlled inhalations. He felt in full control now. He knew what must be done.

The End

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