Once-upon a time there were seven realms. These were safe-guarded by the Keeper of The Keys, Guardians and Nephilim. But Dark Creatures sought to terrorise the Earth on which the unknowing mortals lived upon, wreaking havoc in their dreams and swaying their compulsive actions towards deleterious happenings. They could never touch the humans, but they were there; in the shadows of the darkness, the cause of the nightmares that makes us wake in fright from our deep slumbers. In the Dark Realms they prowled, seeking souls to devour, to eat as whole. But only on Earth could they find what they desired -mortal minds and innocent hearts. But the guardians locked the only door through which they could enter Earth, so they found new ways to sustain themselves.
For many centuries the Realms were at war, a cold war of sorts. Many people died, but many more died in the Great War of the time. The Great War saw the destruction of many royal families, including the start of new ones, and catastrophic love affairs. It is believed that people fled to Earth, seeking sanctuary and safety from the never-ending bloodshed, fearing the paradox of Earth and the Realms may never be solved. Read on as we unveil the results of such a war, the scars left behind, and the secrets kept inside.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
–Martin Luther King Jr.

The End

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