The Clockwork KeyholeMature

Guardians: Protect humans on Earth. They have been at war with the dark realms for centuries. They keep all of the realms in order, and keep the demons and dark creatures at bay. They also each have a unique ability in one way or another. The Keeper of The Keys are considered to be the royals of all the realms, they are classed as Guardians although they are truly unique creatures. They control how things operate in the realms, have spectacular abilities, and have the ultimate power of destruction, or creation.
Nephilim: Part human, part angel. They have wings and are very tall. They are associated with guardians although they are mostly neutral and prefer not to interfere with “mortal affairs”, although after The Great War most of them have now chosen to be in allegiance with Guardians, although are very rare.
Necromancer: Someone who raises the dead, can speak to the dead, and control the dead. Found in the dark realms.
Demon: Beings who can only partially exist in the human world (i.e nightmares and shadows). They are quite often found in allegiance with necromancers from the dark realms. They can never be killed.
Cross-Breed/Hybrid: Different creatures that are interbred and have more than one ability, e.g a Demon and a Guardian (Aiden). Dark creatures and light creatures are very volatile and unstable; normally they don’t live long enough to even be born; they are extremely rare creatures.
Other Creatures: Vampires, Faeires, Werewolves, Poltergeists, Zombies, Ghosts, Immortals, Lost Souls and The Undead.
“The Club”: Also known as The Underground, it is a club for rogue creatures that were trapped on Earth after the death of . Quite often the Dark Creatures dwell here, but very few Light Creatures are permitted entry.
The Academy: A school formed to help bring about peace between all of the creatures in the realms. It was formed before the war although contact was lost with the school by the end.
The Keeper of The Keys: They are the royal family of all the realms. They got their name from the ability to control the doorways between worlds, to decide to open them, or to decide to lock them. It is believed that at the beginning of time the very first Keeper of The Keys saved the Earth by making it impossible for demons to live there.

The End

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