Being a Mother

Her mother caught sight of the phone in her hand.

‘Who are you calling?’ she asked.

‘I was just texting Jacob. Is that ok?’

It was not ok. For the 17 years of Jacob’s existence, her mother had never visited him once. She never saw him play in a basketball game or sing at the Christmas program. She did send him 20 dollars every Christmas. And the day after Christmas she would call and ask if he received the money in order to receive the proper amount of gratitude. 

‘He was just asking how you were feeling.’ Kristi said.

Several clocks chimed as if to call Kristi out on her lie. It was 4:00.

            ‘Well that eliminates all those noisy clocks.’ The old woman rolled her eyes.

‘Do you like any of these clocks or not?’ Kristi asked.

            ‘Well I don’t know’ her mother gave an exasperated sigh.

            ‘Why don’t we go home then? You can use the digital clock on the stove or the one in the living room.’

            ‘I have to have a clock in my kitchen. I’ve always had a clock in my kitchen.’

            Kristi tried a different approach.

            ‘You should probably go home and sit down. You’ve been on your feet way too long. You shouldn’t do that in your condition’ she said.

            Her mother gave Kristi a long calculated look. Kristi could see her mind working behind her eyes.

            ‘Your hair is always in your eyes. You need to cut it. Long hair doesn’t befit a woman of your age.’ 

The End

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