The Clock Strikes Twelve

The clock strikes twelve

Ticking, tocking, mocking

prolonging the pain

Seconds that never pass

Teardrops, bursting out at me

Flowing from their hiding place

What dreams could have come

If only the last kiss had not been so sweet

Gone now, forever and for always

The taste of cherry lips

The smell of ivory skin

The curve of two bodies entwined

The clock strikes one

Screams of rage, echo

Silent to all but me

What gave us the right

Who were we to think it so simple

This dance of two

We move to different drums

The beat off cadence we all fall down

Shattered glass, bloody knuckles

The sink a cover of red

Twas all in my mind

The reflection stares back unblinking

The clock strikes two

Moments no longer eternity

Calm over takes anger

Vanishing with dried tears

A smile emerges

A memory of days past

That moment I saw you

Those cherry lips

Five o'clock and all is well

A place you always hold

Farewell my love

I will never forget cherry lips

The End

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