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"I didn't want to wait too long, but almost as soon as they had left the building I excused myself, packed up and left the office. I thought that I had heard their truck pull out, but I had been wrong. When I turned around the corner of the exit, walking towards my car, I heard the faint sound of laughter behind me. When I looked around, the one who had glared at me earlier was leaning against the wall with a smirk plastered on his smug face. He got up so casually and started walking towards me, but all calm feelings ended when he suddenly pulled his hand out of his pocket and was holding a katar in his grasp."

"That's that, um...Chinese, no....Japanese knife thingy right?" Clarisse asks, beginning to pull out and detangle her wet hair from her shower earlier after training.

"Indian Clary. It's an Indian type of knife" James says, raising his head to correct Clarisse before urging Genevieve to continue.

"Carry on dear. What happened next"

Evie's hands tightened around the handle of the mug, her knuckles bleaching around the delicate porcelain curve in her fingers. "He got within hearing distance of me, the knife dancing in the sun like an evil little glinting eye winking to me in the fading light of the afternoon. He was so cocky, as if he expected me to start begging for my life like some poor, meek being. 'what's a pretty little non-Alterate like you doing, working some boring day job like that?' he said to me. I can't even remember what his voice sounded like past the irritation working its way up inside me..."

The tension in the room tightened, like a cord being pulled taut from either ends.

"I didn't respond. This angered him and that petty little smile I wish I could have wiped off his face turned into that of an animalistic snarl. He dove for me then, the knife swinging back and forth, trying to strike at me like a cobra. What the man didn't expect was me fighting back. I dashed away from his strike, hearing the whistle of the blade as it flew past near my face and retaliated with a swing at his legs. He anticipated them, leaping away in time before I could make contact. We went at it for what felt like forever but probably only lasted a few minutes. I would have finished him sooner except I had been unarmed; my throwing knives tucked under the seat of my car of all places....within my reach but not close enough."

I see James grit his teeth, a muscle feather along his jaw-line while his hands unconsciously ball into fists.

"I got him incapacitated enough to quickly jump into my car after I got a lucky hit on his elbow. While he cursed there, clutching his arm to his chest, I made a speedy get away. I had been on the highway on my way back here when I looked in my rear view mirror and spotted their van a few cars behind mine. That's when I really got mad....these Alterates are getting braver and braver. I thought we all had a general understanding about staying out of each other's ways and keeping the peace until they get themselves involved in history? Clearly I've offended some clan out there with the way these Alterates indefatigably pursued me."

The End

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