pg 96 - Bad receptionMature

Clarisse shakes her head, shutting her eyes tightly and turning towards me with her naughty expression changing into one of minor sadness. Her face droops, her pallor paling from her usually life-filled tone while she tugs nervously on the bottom of the shirt she had changed into after sparring.

"I'm not sure if it was just a bit of a hallucination or problems with the mental reception, but mom is sending me bad vibes. I think something is wrong"

I turn and see that Elena has silently managed to join me at my side without me noticing. She looks over at Clarisse, her voice shaking slightly. "What's wrong, did you manage to glean what has happened?"

Clarisse opens her mouth to respond, but is disrupted by James walking down the stairs with heavy footsteps. He sticks his head in, all thoughts of the water he was supposed to fetch clearly forgotten like last month's news.

"I've just come off from a phone call with Evie. I think she might have had a run in today with some...unfortunate people." His voice sounds grave, his normally completely timbre voice shaking a bit towards the end, his sentence seeming to ebb away and getting swallowed in the silence which had consumed us all for a few breaths.

"She should be back soon. I'm going to wait for her upstairs...she wouldn't give any details over the phone." He mumbles out, looking back upstairs before sharing a glance with each of us.

"I'm sure we all want to join you" Elena says, her eyes icing over with an unnatural coldness I didn't expect from her.

I place my hand on the small of Elena's back, guiding her forward when her body completely stills at the declaration of the news. We make our way towards the stairs, the tension in the room climbing exponentially in such a short period of time as all of us think of what could have happened.

Our arrival at the ground level of the house is greeted by the slamming of a car door out front and we all eagerly walk to the front door in anticipation of finding out the events leading up to the dreaded phone call.

Clarisse's voice echoes in the dingy entrance hall, her voice ominously taking its place among the late afternoon shadows stretching their way down the floor and along the walls.

"She must be really pissed if she's slamming the door that hard"


The End

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