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So, I'm adding in something a little extra here and trying out putting some of the chapter in Aidan's P.O.V. Let me know what you guys think.

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○ Aidan's point of view ○

I can see Elena's moment of elation when she's able to block my attack, but her pride is short lived when I begin to feel gravity doing a horrific thing to my balance. I tip forward, unable to stop myself after swinging my leg with the force I had...the laws of Physics are clearly not in my favor today.

We both fall ungraciously to the ground, Elena getting trapped beneath me as I crash towards her and pin her to the mats. It takes me a moment to come to grips with what has happened, but I quickly regain my senses and look down to see the damage I might have bestowed on the girl beneath me.

Her eyes, like bright emeralds lighting up her tanned face, open and I see her mentally assessing what has just happened. "Ouch..." She mutters, her voice ringing through the following quiet while I ease myself up off her by lifting myself onto my hands.

Shit. What if I've broken something?

She feels frail, as if I could snap her bones if I wasn't careful. Her hair spreads around her head like some halo while strands stick to the beads of perspiration dotting her forehead. I have the sudden desire to brush some of it away where it falls into her eyes, but I'm then reminded of how totally creepy that would make me having almost killed her a few days ago. My hand twitches with my restrained effort to not carry out the intended action, but luckily my strength of will keeps stills it.

My dad had been working hard with her all afternoon and I'm worried that he has done a bit too much with it being only her first day. That's just the way my dad is though, presenting something blatantly without a sugar coating and not holding back with the difficulty of things. He would rather her know how hard this is going to be from the start rather than easing her into it.

I quickly scan her, looking for obvious injuries and feeling my constricted chest unwind slightly when my searching gaze comes up with nothing. My glance returns to her, her lips parting as she draws in a quick breath. I feel my chest tighten again at the sound, the imaginary cords around my ribcage twisting into a knot so tight and complex any boy scout would quake in his boots at the sight of it.

"You were right. I landed on my butt" She mutters out, her words whispered in the quiet enshrouding us. I chuckle, the sound scratching my throat at her commentary after the unfortunate incident I had caused. I look down at her, seeing her roll her eyes at me before I reply to her.

"I did warn you didn't I? You're not hurt anywhere right?"

She sighs, looking up at me with her brows furrowing together uncertainly. She narrows her eyes, looking past me above to the ceiling while she thinks about it. "Nope. Not that I can tell right pride has been a bit bruised though"

I realize that I'm still hovering above her, and so make a move to get up without worsening our current state. For some odd reason, I feel a bit stomach experiencing a sinking feeling although by the sigh I hear escape her I think that she's glad to no longer be trapped underneath me.

"Oh. Wrong time to enter the guys should have put up a warning sign! Seriously, like parental guidance rating or something..."

I spring to my feet, feeling heat crawl to my face as I see Clarisse standing at the entrance to the training arena with her one hand over her eyes.

I turn and stretch out my hand to help Elena up, but she's already risen to her feet and is brushing her hair back from her face. She looks down at the ground, fideting her hands at her sides and brushing away at any dust on her crumpled clothing after our collision. I can't see her reaction to Clarisse's entrance, but she doesn't seem fazed when she looks back up and clears her throat.

"Aidan just overbalanced, Clarisse. On a positive note, I've gotten the blocking thing down to a tee" She glances between Clarisse and I before returning her gaze to the floor.

I sigh, instinctively running my hand through my hair before placing my hands on my hips. I look up across the room at my younger sister, her eyes dancing with some sort of cheeky light I know I should be concerned about. I feel myself scowl, my face heating up once again when she gives a barely heard giggle.

The End

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