pg 94 - Blubber like an idiotMature

I roll my eyes, giving into his jibes at me as he smirks in my direction. I reluctantly ready myself in a defensive stance as James had shown me much earlier today, not wanting to give Aidan any satisfaction of me taking his threat seriously.

He lunges at me, and I, being totally unprepared and unintentionally lame, jump aside only just in time to not be hit. The embarrassment feels worse than any pain I could endure, my cheeks reddening at my weak strategy. Aidan must have seen this, and tries to encourage me.

"Watch closely. I'm sure you'll get it this time."

I do as he says, lifting my head stubbornly to spite my awkwardness and readying myself once more. I take a deep breath in through my nose, feeling my mind focus intently on the man before me. His eyes narrow, trying not to give away his next move although his vision deceptively looks to my right side while the muscle in his left leg flinches. He takes a swing at me, but for the first time today I'm able to deflect his attack.

My solid arm blocks his kick in good time, my other hand catching his hooked foot as it sails towards my side. A look of surprise causes my eyes to widen and my tired muscles to revel in the final, long awaited victory. I look up to see the same look cross Aidans face before it changes into an expression I would aptly name 'uh-oh'.

He begins to tip forward, his weight which a split second ago had been aimed at me pulling me along with him in the motion. We crash to the mats, my back ending up flush with the ground and him toppling on top of me whilst knocking some of my valued air out of my chest which I had only just started to recover.

"Ouch..." I manage to mutter through clenched teeth, his warm breath tickling my face while the scent of lemongrass and the sea assaults my senses. His hands planted on either side of my head shift so that he is able to lift himself up from crushing me. My eyes flicker open, absorbing the full blue-green of his with that luster of bronze around his dark pupils.

Even though he's supporting himself above me, I still feel acutely aware of the close proximity of our bodies. I can feel the warmth radiating off him as well as the trickle of sweat making its way down my back. My stomach tugs, like when I had been forcibly kicked out of my Crossover the first time I had really gotten to know Aidan and he had tried to kill me. The air I suck into my mouth seems to parch my cracked and thirsty throat more, Aidan's glance of concern down at me causing the air to hitch in my chest instead of dispersing to my oxygen-deprived body parts as it should. Stupid, messed up anatomy.

My lips stumble on the words, the mushy organ in my skull providing no intelligent or witty remark when I need it most. Typical.

"You were right. I landed on my butt"

I mentally face-palm myself when the words are aired out, but what else was I to do? Damn, but I can blubber like an idiot at the most strategic of times.


The End

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