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Gently shutting the book and setting it to the side on a table, I stand up and approach the fireplace. I hadn't noticed it when I first walked in, but there is a large family crest standing above it. I move closer to get a better look when the double doors behind me burst open.

"Elena! There you are...I was worried I was going to find you in the armory."

I turn, seeing Aidan standing in the doorway to the library slipping a training shirt over his head. I catch the smallest glimpse of the muscles beneath before he pulls it down, his defined, muscular and strong arms visible in the sunlight coming from the windows at my back.

I flick the end of my ponytail back over my shoulder, watching as he strides over to where I stand while I respond.

"Hold up, you have an armory?! As in a single room dedicated to all things causing destruction, damage and general unwanted decapitation of important body parts? That is totally a must see!" I say, bringing my attention back to the wall decoration above the fireplace.

"I know that you would be interested in facing deadly objects, but we can save that for a later stage when I'm not worried about you cutting yourself just by looking at a sword."

He teases with a sly smile, his face following my glance while his feet come to a stop near where I stand.

"That's the Hektor family crest. My family's insignia. Most families of Clepsydra, both the good and the bad, belong to groups or tribes with each becoming a close-knit unit usually related by blood or marriage. The groups date back to ancient times, most formations scattered throughout different time periods although my tribe, the Hektors, have been around for a while. We became official during the ancient Greek period around the time of the battle of Troy. Hector of Troy was an admirable general, and he led the army of Trojans bravely and with great honor and courage."

The late afternoon sun highlights the unseen gardens outside through the window, the golden light showing an arrangement of flowers such as blood red roses and lavender. The odd landscaping such as a white gazebo alongside wooden bridges arching over a lily spotted pond peek out through the green foliage of trees.

Aidan spreads his feet, clasping his hands behind his back as he continues his explanation.

"Hektor was actually a part of the Clepsydra, but he was one of the few born into the Clepsydra who had an inability to he lived fully in the time of ancient Greece. However his wife, Andromanche, was a fully capable Clepsydra able to Crossover and found her purpose as a Fatalist caring for the fate of her friend Paris. It is not mentioned anywhere in historical texts, but Andromache and Paris had been close childhood friends who found their destinies early in their lives. Paris was an Equilibrant caring for Helen of Troy but, as fate tends to do with its persistent messing with people, he ended up falling in love with her and kidnapped her away from King Menelaus of Greece whom she was unhappily married to. This caused a large angry outburst resulting in Menelaus declaring war on Troy."

"Hold on, I thought that the Clepsydra only meddled in history? How was Hektor important when he couldn't Crossover?" I cut in, glancing to my side at him.

"You must understand Elena, that we are custodians of history in general, even the making of it." He answered me, his eyes gazing at the crest.

The End

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