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I swing around, swiveling on my heels before beginning my great exploration. Walking towards the lounge I notice a large set of double doors I hadn't noticed before during the duration of my last visit. The wood is engraved with images, such as flowers and birds inside an ornate border.

After pushing them inward slowly I realize it requires a little bit of effort to move the heavy things safe guarding the secrets of what's inside. Once through, I look up and my jaw drops.

It's a library...and a rather large and beautiful one at that.

The room has a high ceiling like the kind you would find in a cathedral, with tall, grand arched windows to match. Sunlight filtered in though each, making visible the faint specks of dust floating through the air like tiny dancers. The shelves lining the wall were packed to their fullest capacity with spacious couches placed strategically in nooks and crannies. Marble statues adorn pedestals and shelves and there are winding, spiral shaped stairs leading up to a second story on one side of the room. The second level is bordered with a wooden banister which allows you to overlook the bottom story of the room and a huge stone fireplace sits in the centre of the room in the middle of all the windows.

I breathe in the slightly musty and dusty air, walking over towards the closest set of shelves. All the books are old, some unbound or simply held together by a leather casing. I pull one out, the wooden cover creaking as I open it up. Inside is neatly written words on thick paper, each entry dated. It's a diary, always signed off by the same person I notice as I open to a random page and read it while walking towards a seat near the fireplace.

Dear Diary

Today...or should I say tonight...I visited the time of knights and princesses in medieval England. I do have to comment that it is not as glamorous as everyone makes it out to be with the lack of indoor plumbing and people dying from a mere cough which rapidly transforms into fatal pneumonia with the lack of medical treatment.

King Richard the Lionheart decided to have further discussions about his crusades with Saladin but his advisor, an Equilibrant I had been entrusted with protecting, failed to show up for the kings war discussions. I discovered his dead body near the castle, his corpse showing clear signs of a fatal attack.

I have no doubt that this was the work of Alterates collaborating with King John and I dearly hoped that my disastrous effort to keep up with my duties wouldn't affect anything. Unfortunately, when I checked the history books after my Crossover ended, it talked of King Richard's failure to capture Jerusalem and that King John managed to cause mischief while he was away...which is what I believe to have been the intentions of the Alterates actions.

It saddens me what certain Clepsydra would do for a fat bag of coins

I hope to not fail again, continually fighting to prevent disruptions of history for as long as I shall live. When I revisit the time again in my next Crossover, I hope to gather more information about the suspected Alterates in order to hunt them down and make them pay for their heinous crimes.

Frederick Hektor.

I sigh, looking up from that short but interesting entry. That's pretty big...King John was a huge pain to everyone, decreeing that everyone pays exorbitant taxes in an already struggling economy. I would feel like a major failure too if I had messed up and caused that.

The End

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