pg 86 - SerenadingMature

He carries on down the main road, turning on the radio and putting the volume on low as Frank Sinatra serenades us like this morning.

A couple of minutes pass, me engrossed in the objects whizzing by my window while I brew in the guilt wedging itself into me. Aidan hums along to the music playing. The song changes and he sings along, my guess being that this must be a favorite of his. His lyrical voice matches perfectly to the swooning man easing his way through the speakers and I find myself listening intently to every syllable which passes silkily past Aidan's lips like velvet until the song ends.

I decide to break my silent protest, forcing my gross and self-pitiful mood down and shoving it aside with my pride. 

"I'm sorry Aidan. I just didn't think I would have to look into your adoption theory with any seriousness. I thought my parents would have told's hard to admit to myself that they've been holding back on me all these years. I didn't mean to lash out at you like that."

His face is graced with that lopsided smile which drives away my negativity and I know that he has not taken my earlier comment to heart. His face turns towards me and then back to the road as he responds.

"Don't worry about earlier Elena. If you think that was bad, I'm glad you weren't there to experience half the comments Clarisse started to rant at me during her early development. Lack of sleep tends to do that to a person, but your body will make adjustments. It's not like you can't sleep for the rest of your life so you'll soon start adapting."

His eyes harden and his lips straighten into a line, his arms tensing as he turns into the suburb in which his house...excuse me, located. Aidan clears his throat, his jaw clenching before he asks "Did you see the person who was at the book store?"

I exhale through my nose, shaking my head in small movements. So I guess I wasn't as lucky as I thought when I assumed he hadn't heard that part of my rant.

"No. He was wearing a hood over his face and clothes covering his body so I didn't see any unusual markings or memorable features."

He sighs, pulling up into the driveway after the gate has opened and stopping in front of the porch as he did the previous time.

"I'm glad nothing happened. It just reinforces the part of me which felt it necessary to give you that knife this morning."

The End

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