pg 84 - Chapter 12: Exposure of concernMature

I take a deep breath in through my nose, unwrapping myself from my personal bubble as I reluctantly bring myself back down to earth to my present realization. Before standing, I pick up the pieces of paper, tracing each with gentle fingers before making my way to my room to put them somewhere where I can go through them later.

My head is slowly clearing from its previous fogginess, my feet going from a slow walk to a jog towards my room when I finally come back to reality.

After carefully putting the documents and letter in my bedside table, where I know they'll be safe, I jog back to a waiting Aidan standing outside my door. I open up for him, grabbing my bag from its spot on the floor and head back over to him.

"Sorry that took so long...I just ran into something unexpected while getting ready." I mildly shove past him, plonking my backpack on the front porch while I lock the door behind me and put the keys in my bag.

As I'm picking up my bag again, I feel Aidan's strong large hands gently being placed on my shoulder, preventing me from walking off my porch and towards his truck.

"Elena, what's going on? You forget that you give off vibes to all those attuned to them now that you're part of the Clepsydra. What did you find while getting ready? Did something happen while you were out with Anna?" His voice sounds concerned, his hands gently turning me around to look at my face.

How do you pull the wool over someone's inner eye when they're like a sniffer hound for my unrelenting and uncontrollable emotions?

His green-bronze eyes soften, the corners crinkling as he bows his head to look at me closer and takes my chin in his hand. "Come on Elena, what happened? Was there someone there? Did they try and get too you? Speak to me, please..."

The End

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