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Calub and Laurie. Laurie and Calub. Somehow, no matter how I say it in my mind and no matter the number of times I say it, the names don't seem to carry any sentimental value or familiarity to them. I don't know my real parents. Although they knew me...for two whole years.

Two. Whole. Years.

Fifteen more years have passed since then and I didn't know about this? Not a single word...from either of my parental couples about it. Both the now and the then. How didn't I figure this out?

Someone knocks faintly on the door, but it goes in my one ear and out the other as I drop the second paper and continue with my inspection of the last two. These both are a letter, the paper yellow and thin with neat black cursive written on them. I begin to read, my brain only partially taking in what has been inscribed before me.

Dear Mr and Mrs Kristal. 

I give to you on this day a precious gift. A gift so dear to my heart, that I can do nothing more in her better interest than hand her to a home which will care for her in ways that I cannot in my current situation. 

I am currently on the run, traveling from place to place and leaving at the drop of a hat without much word to those around me. I know no one, too afraid to make friends in fear that they will become prey to my enemies. I do not wish to bring up my child in such an unstable and unpredictable life, constantly fearing for her safety and wondering if she will become a target due to my actions. 

I have been watching you friendly folk since the day I stepped foot in this town during my travels and have not managed to come across a couple with so much love sewn into their lives. I have been observing, seeing how you are around each other and the people surrounding you and I have yet to notice in this world people who care so much for those around them and for their better half. After inquiring around the town, I found out that you were unable to have children of your own even though you so desperately want, and this was the deciding factor in the multitude of reasons why I have bestowed this bundle of my heart, my joy, my fragment of peace in a life as riddled with chaos as you. 

I ask you...beg take her in and make her your own. Bring her up to be people as good as you are, with a heart of gold and mind of strength and wisdom. Please, accept her into your home and I'm sure she will steal your souls just as she has come to wholly own mine. Teach her to know right from wrong, to be a beacon of hope and encouragement to her friends and family and to be strong in the face of difficult times. Teach her to be courageous, to have confidence in herself and protect those she holds close. Be the parents I wish I could be. 

Take care of my little Elena. 

L . W 

I'm shell shocked. Unable to move as the paper slides from my hands once I've finished reading the last few words. I sag in my position on my knees, bringing up my hands to cover my face while I bend over and take a few deep breaths, feeling my voice crack as a small strangled groan comes out of me. I wrap my arms around my middle, the feeling of needing to throw up reaching a climax.

He was right...I'm adopted.

I hear knocking again on the door, this time louder as my brain actually registers it. Footsteps shuffle around outside as a muffled voice sounds through the wooden door.
"Hey, Elena? Are you in there? It's Aidan. I'm here to pick you up for training...are you okay?"


The End

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