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When we pull up into my driveway, I feel relieved to be closer to getting some training to avoid situations like earlier...but at the same time gut-wrenchingly nervous that I'm going to look like a fool in front of people who've been doing this for way longer than I have.

Daniel stops the car, keeping the engine running while I get out with my stuff. Anna jumps out the front passenger seat, giving me a hug before letting me walk into my house.

"Good luck with your horrid Science project Lena! Tell Aidan from me that he better behave if he doesn't want to have a difficult life in Port Greylot!"

I chuckle at her strange show of affection, waving at her from my front porch steps as she opens the car door and begins to duck back inside. "I will Anna, now go and enjoy your movie! See you tomorrow!"

She waves back as Daniel reverses, pulling out the driveway and disappearing down the road.

My shoulders sag in relief as I pull out my set of house keys from my canvas bag and open up the house. I cross the threshold, glad to finally be close to getting something done about my recent development. "Home sweet home..."

I lock the door behind me, putting the keys on their designated hook near the door when I hear a loud bark and nails scraping against the tiles. Piper comes loping round the corner, slipping a little on the floor before running towards me. I get down on one knee, receiving a big slobbery kiss before she sniffs around me.

Piper suddenly backs up away from me, a low growl in her throat before whimpering and scampering away back outside.

"What's gotten into you girl?" I mumble, not used to receiving such treatment from her. Oh well, guess I better get my stuff ready seeing as Aidan will be here in...

I glance at the clock hanging near the front door, then shout out "Five Minutes!" I run to my room, throwing my bag on my bed as I rush to my cupboard. I pull out an old loose tank top and gym pants, changing into them before looking through my shoes for my trainers.

I give out a groan of frustration, my palm hitting my forehead when I remember that they're not here. I had gotten the soles fixed when I tore them while running. Mom had put them in the storage cupboard instead of my room after picking them up from the repair shop.

 I hastily stuff a towel into a backpack, along with my cell phone and spare clothes then fetch a bottle of water from the fridge. I skid along the tiles in my ankle socks, stopping in front of storage cupboard and wrenching open the door. I glance over at the clock, seeing that I have round about a minute before Aidan arrives in his truck.

"Crap! Time to make a new world record for sorting through a cupboard..." I say, my eyes looking through the mess at the bottom and not seeing my trainers anywhere. I just manage to notice the repair shop logo sticking out from a basket on the very top shelf of the cupboard and I smile with victory.

The End

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