pg 80 - Honest Abe and bookclubsMature

"Not long Anna, training only began a week before the start of the semester on Monday. Thank you for the confidence though."

I think I'm going to shrivel up like a raisin and die if I have to listen to anymore of this.

In the middle of my boredom, I begin to look around Wilbur's Café. I see two women drinking coffee, both with strollers on either side of them and the bubbly waitress from earlier waiting on a table with other students from my school.

My eyes look past the clock set against the far wall, flicking back to it after taking slight notice at what time the hands are showing: quarter to 3. I check the clock tower visible through the window we're sitting next too, not believing that time had gone so quickly when the monuments analytical display agrees with the one on the far wall in front of me.

I'm so going to be late for Aidan if we don't leave NOW.

Thinking up a plan, I rummage around in my bag for my phone to look through it as if reading a message.

"Oh no! Seriously?" I say, putting my phone back in my bag and running my hands through my hair like I was stressed out.

Anna's eyes narrow, her smile transforming into a frown as she turns to my upset voice.

"What is it Lena?"

I stand up, swinging my bag over my shoulder and saying "I need to get home; my mom's staying at work late today but needs me to make supper for her, ah...bookclub. Yeah, her book club which she volunteered to host tonight but completely forgot about. Mind getting me home quick Daniel?"

Anna stands up, gathering her things together and leaves money along with mine which I had placed down on the table. She nods her head, glancing between Daniel and me as she says "Oh, shame Len! I'm sure Dan wouldn't mind dropping you off...we were planning on going to a movie this afternoon anyways so I'm sure it won't be a problem. We arranged it while you were gone. Since when is your mom in a book club?"

Daniel reluctantly gets up, slurping the last bit of his milkshake before adding his own money to the pile. "Um...sure thing. We were going to ask you if you wanted to watch Zombie Apocalypse 3 with us-"

"I've already seen it. Besides, I need to help out before my mom gets home and her guests arrive so there's no harm done." I blurt out, pushing my chair back into the table and already making my way towards the door.

I mentally pat myself on the back, surprised by my better than average lying ability which is usually so bad, the only person who could be seen as worse is Honest Abe.


The End

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