pg 79 - Glorious caffeineMature

I wonder if I should admit myself for mental evaluation... I think, resting my head on the table on top of my arms. I'm seriously getting paranormal, I mean that guy was probably just some average Joe whom I happened to be staring at like he's a scary serial killer.

Then again, I'm glad to have gotten out of there when I did...just in case he was a scary psycho murderer who wanted to sell my body parts and organs to people all over the world to make some cash.

Yep, I definitely need to get my head checked...and to perhaps restrict my binges on crime and investigation series.

"Earth to Elena? People are staring..." Anna says, prodding me in the arm with one of her carefully manicured nails.

I lift my head, brushing my hair from my eyes while I look around for my coffee. I see the steaming cup of caffeine and thankfully drag it across the table towards me.

"Sorry Anna, didn't mean to disappear for such a long time" I mumble out between my gasps for breath, which are slowly returning to normal.

I would have tried to offer an explanation for my abrupt entry back into the café, but there's no ways I could make up an excuse for running into here like I'm being chased (...which I may or may not have mind can grapple with that later though).

I drink my coffee, draining it pretty quickly while Anna and Daniel resume their polite conversing.

"So, you were saying something about training for the rugby side Dan? How's that going? You already look prepared to tackle any opponent down by the looks of things." Anna says, her elbow on the table which is holding up her head. She looks up at him like he's an Adonis, her eyes half closed with a sleepy daze about them.

The poor boy. She's working him like a cashier works a cash register and he's completely unaware. Of course, he goes right along with it, his chest puffing out with pride.

The End

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