pg 75 - Engrossed in the fancifulMature

Daniel puts down his menu, addressing the waitress when he says “Um, can we please have one fudge and one chocolate-mint milkshake and...ah...”

He looks at me quizzically, his eyebrows furrowing as he says to me “Sorry Elena, but I didn’t quite catch what you wanted?”

“I’ll have a plain coffee please.” I say to the waitress, gathering all the menu’s together and putting them in her hand.

“Great! I’ll be back with the two shakes and java in a bit!” She then whisks off, cheerily picking up dirty plates on a different table while bobbing her head in time to the music playing through speakers around the restaurant.

While Anna and Daniel continue to chat, oblivious to my presence, I notice a book shop across the mall called ‘Old and New’. I can see a colourful arrangement of books, some with fraying edges and broken spines but others with spotless white pages and newly published shiny covers.

Now that I think about it, I want to do some more research on historic events given my new nocturnal activities and all. Most of the books which might actual be helpful at the school library are reference books and so I’m unable to look over them at home, but if I found a couple of extra ones which are super cheap at a second-hand price I might be able to get them.

It just means I might need to ask my boss at Scoops if I can leave a week later than planned. She’s very reasonable, so I doubt she’ll object to an extra pair of hands for a weekend longer than expected.

“Hey, An, I’ll be back now. I just want to check one of the stores out quickly.”

She didn’t even look up, waving me off with her hand as she said “Sure thing Lena. I’ll be sure to message you if you’re out for a while and I get worried.”

I smile, chuckling to myself as I get up from my seat and loop my bag strap over my head. I'll be surprised if she even remembers I was gone with how engrossed she’s gotten with twirling her hair around her index finger.

The End

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