pg 74 - Chapter 11: Fudge Milkshake vs. MintMature

The drive to the Greylot Mall isn’t long, but it sure does feel like it takes forever with the small talk Daniel and Anna are doing and me third-wheeling it by myself in the back seat. The tunes that the radio are pumping out make it easier to think about anything else except the awkward conversation going on between my friend and the guy who is driving. I would try and help out, but I’m sure Anna can handle herself. Besides, I’m not exactly the prime person to be dabbling in relationships due to my own lack of experience.

When we eventually park a short way away from the mall entrance, I jump out the car while Daniel is busy opening the car door for Anna. I hadn’t wanted to interrupt their conversation but had been dying in the back with how hot and stuffy it had been. The fresh air filling my lungs now feels good and I relish in the feeling of it.

Once Anna and Daniel are ready to go, we walk through the front doors. Many people I recognize, such as fellow students from school or an elderly couple who had been our neighbours at my old house. Mr and Mrs Guntor still called me ‘Little Lena’ as I greeted them when we passed by.

We reach Wilbur’s and I follow Anna and Daniel to a seat near the window. I take out a laminated menu from where they are kept by the salt and pepper stand and glance over the drinks choices half-heartedly. I know that I was keen for a milkshake before arriving but I think I should rather go for a cheaper coffee and add a teeny-tiny bit extra to my scooter/ second hand car fund. Besides, if the training this afternoon is going to be as intense as I expect it to be I would rather not have eaten rich food before.

Spewing chocolate sundae milkshake all over myself is not the best way to make a good first impression when my fighting skills already suck.

“Have you ever tried the fudge milkshake?” Daniel asks Anna, sitting down next to her.  I get the feeling that this might be the first time their ‘hanging out’ before their supposed date on Saturday. He keeps nervously tugging on his shirt and bouncing his knee up and down.

Anna, however seems as cool as a cucumber. She slings her bag over the back of the chair and responds with “No, I don’t believe I have. I fell in love with the chocolate-mint milkshake and have never gone for anything else really.” She may appear to be calm and collected, but I can tell by the way she’s hiding her hands which she’s wringing together in her lap that she’s close to as nervous as Dan is. It’s actually kind of cute to see her a little shaky about going out with someone.

It’s been a very long day. Maybe it would have been a better idea for me to have gone home and slept for a bit instead of deciding to come to Wilbur’s with Anna. I close my eyes, pinching the bridge of my nose and taking a moment while Anna and Daniel are absorbed with continuing their small talk between each other.

I feel goose-bumps forming on my skin, and then a soft yellowy throbbing aura pulsates in my blackened vision with my closed eyes before a bright bubbly voice interrupts my quiet time.

“Hello there! How can I help all of you today?”

I re-open my eyes, looking up and seeing a waitress standing poised at the ready with a pen and notebook in hand at the head of the table. The gleeful lady, with her large, dangling earrings looks at each of us while her bright red lips stretch into smile.

The End

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