pg 73 - Hazmat suitsMature

Easy for him to say. I’m only going to be third wheeling in a hot and busy mall with a shorter fuse than I normally have after my less than ideal last lesson.

I remember then that I'm standing in a bathroom stall with my less than patient best friend waiting for me outside, probably tapping her foot and looking up on her phone how long the average person takes in the bathroom. Yup, she's that sort of person.

“I’m okay Anna! There was just a bit of a queue to get in here after school.” I say, flushing the toilet unnecessarily and putting my phone back in my bag. I sling its strap over my shoulder, exiting the stall to find a waiting Anna peeping her head around the swinging door of the bathroom.

“Oh there you are! Was just getting a bit worried when you took a while to show up. Glad to see you weren’t flushed away. I was preparing myself to find one of those hazmat suits and gas masks to fish you out with a plunger....I must really love you to risk exposure to the less than pleasant smells in here which could probably curdle milk. Now hurry, I think I can hear that chocolate-mint shake calling my name.”

She disappears with a whipping of her ebony head, but soon makes another appearance once I’ve left the ladies. She walks with me to the parking lot, where Daniel is sitting in his already running car waiting for us. When he sees us coming, he gets out the driver’s seat and opens the passenger door of his grey town car where Anna slides in before he opens the backseat door for me...and who said chivalry was dead?

I smile at him, getting in before he closes both doors and gets back behind the wheel, pulling out of the school gate and making our way to the mall.

As much as I’m not too keen for this unplanned meeting, I won’t lie and say that I’m not looking forward to a chocolate sundae milkshake. Sugar has a way of making anything better.


The End

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