pg 72 - Warning to stay out of troubleMature

I gently shove past two girls having a fat chat near the stalls, squeezing between them to reach the open stall at the very end of the bathroom. I close the door behind me, pulling the toilet seat down and sitting down on top with a huff of exhaled air.

I unbuckle my bag and pull out my phone, brushing my hair out of my face before looking at the illuminated screen.

Hey Elena this is Aidan. Just wondering where you are. Message me when you get this.

I tap my finger on the side of my phone, trying to think of the right message to send which would help him understand that this is something I can’t get out of without Anna getting suspicious. I can’t just put a rain check on Wilbur’s Wednesdays. The rare times we've skipped it was when we both agreed that we needed a Biology study session more than coffee the day before our exam and a few times when we were BOTH exceptionally busy and just didn’t have the time. I can’t exactly pull out now that I’ve agreed to a lift and have said yes to going.

Hi Aidan...I got your message. I haven’t run into any trouble per say but we do have a bit of a problem. I forgot that I had made plans with Anna and they're not easy to get out of. Could you perhaps give me an hour then fetch me from my house? The address should be on the school website, accessible by the password you received on Monday in the New Student booklet.

I hit send, waiting for a reply back before I can leave and meet with Anna.

The noise in the bathroom is beginning to soften, since most people have left to get out of the building or are going to sports practices. I hear the clicking of heels enter on the tiled floor of the bathroom before Anna’s concerned voice echoes around the room.

“Hey, Lena? Are you still in here?”

I barely hear the bleep of my phone's message tone over the sound of someone who starts to run the tap, but I do feel the vibration as Aidan’s response comes through.

No problem, training only starts once my dad gets home in an hour and a half from now anyway. I’ve found the address, so I’ll meet you at your place at 3:15. Elena, remember the knife and just keep a watchful eye open. Don’t attract trouble. Aidan.


The End

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