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Oh SHOOT! I completely forgot about me and Anna’s weekly tradition of going to Wilbur’s at the mall. Ever since the beginning of last year, we’ve always gone there after school for something to eat or drink. I can’t believe that it is something else which I have completely forgotten...

Idea time: Spend an hour at the mall, slurp that milkshake like my life depends on it then ask Anna to drop me off at my house. Then, I can pack the stuff I need and I can ask Aidan to pick me up from there. Oh, how I love it when a plan comes together.

That reminds me...I need to check up on the issue of second hand scooters and cars for after this weekend. Relying on other people for lifts is starting to agitate me.

“Hello? Earth to Lena?!” Anna says, waving her hand on front of my face.

“Oh, He can be there.” I manage to mumble out; realizing that I probably looked like the lights were on in my brain but no one was home.

I feel something in my backpack, a vibration probably coming from my phone alerting me that someone is trying to message me. I reason that it must be Aidan, who’s arrived at his truck and has found that I’m not there.

“Okay An, I’ll just head to the bathroom really quickly then meet you by your car.”

She lets go of my arm, saying “Sure thing Elena...Oh but wait!” She slams to a stop just as Daniel is making a move to put his arm over her shoulder. He quickly changes, making it look as if he was going to scratch his neck instead. Smooth, Dan, real smooth.

“We’re going in Daniel’s car instead. I didn’t actually drive to school; he brought me here after I found that my tires were flatter than a deflated balloon this morning. He parked on the far side of the parking lot.”

Then she rushes off, disappearing behind a horde of students with Daniel hastily trying to keep up with her.

I breathe in a deep sigh, coming to the realisation that spending the afternoon with the kind-of-not-really-but-getting-there couple would be rather excruciating. Make that a double sigh, accompanied by a dying-moose groan.

I shuffle off to the bathroom, sliding between girls standing in front of the mirrors before reaching the far end of the room. I need to tell Aidan about what’s going on without Anna able to read over my shoulder and so I required the bathroom excuse. The last thing I need is her knowing that I don’t actually have a Science project OR her finding out that I didn’t actually go to the bathroom and that I was just trying to message Aidan without her knowing about it. She would definitely form the wrong idea and make assumptions I don’t want her to. Oh so very bad, blush-inducing assumptions.

The End

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