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I turn back around, keeping my eyes locked on the teacher while I secretively slide the note down my desk under my hand, putting it on my lap. I unfold it, wincing at the sound of the paper crinkling during the quiet lesson. Once I’m done, I dare to glance down and read what is written there for me by Aidan.

Jeepers...who poured sour milk in Morees’ cereal this morning? From your little look out the window in the direction of the junior section (according to the map I was given two days ago) I’m guessing Clarisse became a slight interruption. The fact that she was able to get into your head without a problem isn’t exactly a good thing, so remind me we need to work on that during training this afternoon. Aidan.

I fold the note, tucking it away while keeping a watchful eye on Morees to prevent her beady, all-seeing gaze on me. Once I complete my stealth mission, I sneak a cursory glance at Aidan in the corner of the classroom. He pauses in the middle of whatever he’s writing, looking up at me after checking on Morees’ position.

I nod my head at him, resulting in him giving me an almost-smile....the type that if thought about a split second after it’s flashed to someone, makes them wonder whether they even saw it at all.

Mrs Morees’ droning on and on about intermolecular forces is eventually finished by the bell and I thank my lucky stars that this day has finally come to an end. I join the rest of the student body on the route to the multiple school exits, although the one I’m heading to leads out to the parking lot. I’ll meet Aidan there by his truck, go and pick up my stuff then head to my first ever training. Note to self: pack muscle relief cream and my good trainers.

My chain of thought on whether I should pack an energy drink or not and thinking of other things I may need is interrupted by the feeling of a hand on my shoulder. My brain jumps back to the incident outside the ice-cream shop at the beach and I feel my whole body tense up before I swivel around, my hand already in my back pocket containing the knife.

When I look up, I see Daniel’s face before my own and I feel Anna’s body collide into mine.

“Hey guuuurl! I heard Morees jumped on you a little today according to the tidbits I swiped from Kaylin's conversation with the rest of the Bio-Science geniuses...”

My hand grasping the cold steel knife loosens its grip, moving to rather look like I had tucked my hand in the pocket with my thumb sticking out. So that’s what her name is again....what is wrong with me and my forgetfulness these days?

Anna carries on, linking our arms together before speaking.

“...Luckily, it’s Wilbur’s Wednesday so you can let off some steam. Hope you don’t mind if Daniel joins us.” She looks at me hopefully, biting her lower lip and raising her eyebrows as she waits for my reaction.

The End

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