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Of course I make it look easy...I look good at everything, including fashion! Clarisse somehow projects into my mind, flashing me a model pose from across the lawn separating us.

I laugh, wondering if this is the type of thing I missed out on with the lack of siblings in my family. I know now that she must read my thoughts and then send her own into my head; it’s like a telephone which only works one way.

By the way, you really need to work on closing off your mind...I can hear exactly what you're thinking without any trouble at all--

“Excuse me, Miss Kristal, but perhaps you would like to share with the rest of the class what is so amusing to you about induced dipole to dipole bonds?” Mrs Morees says to me across the classroom. I rapidly swivel around in my seat, seeing her glare at me with icy eyes while tapping her foot impatiently.

My thoughts spin around in my head like a blizzard while I hastily try to search for a plausible excuse. “Um...ah, I’m sorry ma’am. I wasn’t laughing. I had a tickle in my throat and was attempting to rid myself of it. I’m sorry if I interrupted you.”

“Might want to get lozenges for that ‘tickle’ Miss Kristal...that cough might get you into a Friday detention in my presence organizing the Bio-Science Club’s laboratory equipment if you’re not careful.”

I feel my face turn bright red, making myself an oath that I WILL be paying attention for the rest of this lesson. I usually try and refrain from getting in trouble or being chastised by teachers, but this was one of my moments of weakness. Mrs Morees is also known for her absolute zero tolerance policy for messing around when she’s trying prove to us the wonders of the scientific world (*cue rainbows arching overhead, glitter falling from the sky and atoms splitting with a boom in the background*).

Ouch. Isn’t she just a ray of sunshine. I just heard that all through the open window she was talking so loudly...well, I’ve got to go anyways since my group is heading back to class. Enjoy the rest of your day!

I look out the window through the corner of my eye, seeing Clarisse turn her back to me and head towards where most of the junior classes of the school are located. Once her blonde head of hair has disappeared into the distance, I return my focus to the front of the classroom only to be sharply prodded on my arm by the girl behind me.

“Hey, madam popularity, the new guy in the back almost took out my eye throwing this to me to pass on while Morees was focused on you. Please do realize I have a deep dislike of playing messenger.”

She shoves a piece of paper onto my desk, then picks up her pen and continues writing notes like nothing has happened. Clearly she’s a little antsy about getting caught out by the ‘Morees Monster’ after her little chat with me earlier.

The End

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