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She really isn’t what I would expect for a girl who occasionally gets eye-witness accounts of History Channel episodes. I mean, Aidan and her are related but she’s so open and forthcoming while Aidan seems to value people’s personal space and is a lot, well, quieter if I can use that word.

Hey, aren’t you supposed to be focusing?

I rapidly straighten in my seat, discreetly turning around to search for the source of whomever had spoken to me. The only thing I see is one of the Bio-Science club members looking over my head at Mrs Morees, who appears to be passionately waving about a molecular reconstruction of a water molecule.

My eyebrows knit together and my brain grasps around for her name while I say to her quizzically “Excuse me, did you say something?”  

She tears her attention unwillingly away from the front of the classroom, peering down the rims of her tortoise shell glasses and whispers to me “Um, no...I didn’t say anything.” She looks at me strangely, raising her one eyebrow like I’m some crazy person before returning her attention back to the teacher.

I turn the other way to look at Aidan, but he seems fully absorbed in taking down notes and referring to his textbook. He doesn’t even notice when I stare at him from across the classroom. Typical reaction for most boys I stare at.

I swivel back around, thrumming my fingers in thought before attempting to concentrate again on the lesson. Maybe developing into a Clepsydra comes with hearing voices in your head?

Hey, stupid! Over here by the scantily dressed baby!

I look around again, my gaze stopping on the window. I peer through and see a class of younger children, probably in about grade 9, taking samples of plants. It’s for Biology, I realize. I did the same thing in that grade, comparing the different leaf types of plant species for a lesson and having to draw sketches with labels.

I catch a waving motion in my peripheral vision, then turn my head slightly and spot Clarisse smiling at me behind one of the various garden statues on the school grounds. This one happens to be of a cherub, and she waves at me more frantically when she notices that I’ve sighted her.

She looks at me, narrowing her eyes slightly before I hear someone speaking again, and this time I recognize it as Clarisse’s voice.

Wow, that took you forever to figure out! At least you didn’t look at me strangely like Aidan did when I first did this to him last year...he thought he was going crazy!

I saw Clarisse giggle where she stood, remembering what her brothers facial expression must have been at the sudden interruption of his sisters voice in his usually singular thoughts.

I try to send her a message of my own by projecting my thoughts towards her. Who knows, maybe I have the same Enhancement she does. I try until I feel my face go red and I let out a sigh of frustration. I see Clarisse laugh hard at my face, which must look like that belonging to a constipated idiot.

She makes it look so easy...I think to myself, my shoulders drooping a bit at my absolute failed attempt.

The End

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