pg 67 - Difficulty to focusMature

I walk to my locker, the noise around me starting to die down since most people have reached the cafeteria or the normal spot they eat lunch. A short distance away from my metal container of all things academically orientated, I spot Daniel, shuffling around inside his locker and glancing over his shoulder every 5 seconds.

“Hey Dan...I hear you finally relented to Anna’s stalking methods” I joke, giving him a friendly wave.

He jumps a bit, as if I had startled him with my casual social behaviour. Daniel quickly shoves his locker, the metal door slamming as the closing mechanism shuts.

“Oh, um, hi Elena. I didn’t see you there.”

He slides his hands into his back pockets, looking down at me with his steel-grey eyes. He runs his hands through his short, straight chocolate brown hair and continues, saying “Yeah, I finally worked up enough nerve to ask her out. I’ve been wanting to for a while but her tenacious personality made it a little intimidating, especially since she’s so out of my league”

Wow, I guy who both likes Anna and who doesn’t think she’s nothing but a seductive piece of arm candy to lug around and improve his reputation. I always knew that Daniel was nice, but I’ve never really actually known him. He’s one of those faces which you just associate with Port Greylot, the typical town boy who just remains quiet in the back of the class, not really getting noticed but whom everyone is acquainted with.

Daniels eyes dart back and forth down the passage behind me, saying “Well, I need to go. Bye” He gives me a curt nod, stepping around where I’m standing and makes his way briskly down the passage. Rather sudden, but I guess the guy has some things to do.

I go about the rest of my lunch as I usually do, packing away my things and meeting Anna at our table before heading off to our next lessons. When the time eventually rolls around for me to have Science with the timetable I have today, I look forward to the prospect of being in a class with Aidan without having anything strange happen...or at least, that’s what I’m hoping for. I’m starting to realize that I can never expect things to go how I want them to so I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best for my last lesson of the day.

After I take my seat and we go through the usual routine of marking homework and dealing with difficulties found, Mrs Morees goes on about particle polar bonds for a lot of the lesson. I find myself staring out the window, lost in thought about anything but chemistry.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually all for attentiveness in class, but I feel like I haven’t slept in 3 days straight...that’s maybe because I haven’t. How do the Clepsydra do this? Surely you can’t go your entire life without sleeping? Maybe our bodies adapt after a while and we eventually sleep properly while crossing over. I think of Clarisse and how she is always so full of energy whenever I’m around her.

The End

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