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Most of us sitting at the desks barely reacted or even acknowledge what this man before us is is that stage of our school year where it is too late for us to constantly show enthusiasm yet not late enough in the year for us to be sitting upright in our seats, trying to find out any knowledge we can before examination time.

I, unlike most of my fellow students, feel my interest piqued at this new arrival. It may have just been from my very recent hearing episode but my brain feels like it is being tickled at the very base by the baby-light touch of a feather.

Mr Stalink finds the book he's looking for, giving a quiet cry of victory as he strides over to the front of the class again.

"Thank you for the introduction Jacob, please feel free to come in any time if you wish to discuss anything. Until your office is vacated or the extra classroom down the hall is prepared for you, allow me to offer up the extra student teacher desk at the front. It's rather shabby for someone of your standards and credentials but I'm sure your room will be ready by the end of the week."

Mr Dolus inclines his head, smiling at the elderly teacher before taking a seat as offered. He opens up his briefcase, taking out work to do and that is the last everyone notices of him before Stalink launches into his vigorous speech on old poetry types.

The lesson drags on, until eventually the bell rings and we're all released from the boredom inflicted upon us by Stalink. We all bolt, eager for lunch without having Shakespearean diction crammed in our heads.

Aidan waits for me at the door even after most people have left, his tall frame relaxed against the doorway into the beehive of activity with most people making their way to lunch.

"I'll see you in Science Elena, remember to keep your eyes open for anything...ah...unusual." He says, giving me a peek of his smile before disappearing into the crowd of people clotting the hallways, the masses slowly starting to ebb away.

The End

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