pg 65 - Meeting Mr Jacob DolusMature

Well, that means I'll be getting to know the guy pretty well. I signed up in the beginning of the term for AP English so I can score a few extra points for my university enrolment. 
"Mr Dolus, why don't you introduce yourself while I look around for my book? It talks a little on comparing Elizabethan sonnets to petrachan sonnets, both of which we'll be dealing with this term. I think they might be part of the AP English curriculum too."
He shuffles back over to his desk, walking around and begins to filter through the things in his cluttered drawers and on the shelves nearby. Meanwhile, Mr Dolus walks over to the extra teacher's desk at the front of the classroom, usually reserved for student teachers or restless, misbehaving students, and places his briefcase down.
He turns to face us, moving his blazer out the way as he puts his hands in his pockets and flashes us a glimpse of his perfect white teeth. 
"Morning everyone. Up until a month ago I was teaching AP English at the local high school of a town near here. I was the Head of the English Department at my old post, and was asked to start working here since one of your senior grade English teachers will be retiring next year and your school board wishes for me to get orientated with how things run before then. I am unsure whether you all heard, but my first name is Jacob and I am 36 years old. I wish to inform you of all that now since I know how students like to speculate on the characteristics and lives of teachers outside of the school environment. I am excited to be starting here, and for those of you in my AP English class I look forward to our interactions and discussions involving the complex world of the English language."

The End

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