pg 64 - Interruptions of ShakespeareMature

"Right students, so that was a little background as to why Shakespeare wrote this particular sonnet. Please turn to page 84 in your poetry books so we can look at-"
Just then there was a knock on the door and Stalink gets up to see who could be bothering him with a exasperated look on his face. He opens the door, but instead of the expected brash commentary on the disadvantages of disturbing someone who's teaching his face breaks into a grin.
He first speaks quietly to the knocker on the door, his back to us obscuring the view of the visitor when he says "Ah, yes! Jacob Dolus...please do come in!" Mr Stalink turns around again, motioning with hands in a gesture of invitation.
A man steps forward, wearing a dark grey blazer, button up shirt and tie with black hair only just beginning to grey at the temples.  His pale face is only partially lined, showing that he has experienced life yet still has some way to go...maybe in his mid-thirties. His dark, olive-green eyes are piercing, although he wears a friendly grin on his face which seems open but reserved. His physique is muscled, but more that of a retired athlete rather than a thriving sports star with his slightly stubbled face.
"Class, this here is Mr Dolus and he will be taking some of my classes as well as heading our AP English class for those of you who signed up, since I have to chaperone the chess team during their matches at the town hall. He is new here, not only to the school but to Port Greylet too so I expect you all to help him out if he needs it." 

The End

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