pg 63 - Bleeding earsMature

The noise changes before he responds. Now it sounds like I've placed my ear right up against a speaker, the noise amplified so much that I instinctively cover my ears with my hands. I can hear the fly trying to go out through the closed window at the back of the classroom, as well as the vibrations of Mr Stalink's throat as he speaks. I also hear the sound of footsteps approaching the classroom from a long way down the passage outside, the heels of shoes clicking against the tiles.
Aidan scribbles something on a piece of paper, sneakily flinging it over to me while Stalink is paging through the textbook. I read the note without removing my hands from my ears, feeling like they might start bleeding soon.
"Just relax, don't panic. This happens with the Clepsydra during the developing stages. Try focus on just one noise at a time, it's a bit off balance when it first occurs but should normalise in a short period of time. We only really experience it during battle or other high intensity situations. People sometimes have it as an Enhancement since they can control it at will, but most only experience it once while they're developing."

I'm glad he understands what is happening without me needing to explain, the sound of my own voice ringing through my ears could send me running out of here like some lunatic.
I try to do as he says, concentrating on blocking out everything except the words coming from Mr Stalink's mouth. It's slow, but eventually the pitch and volume go back to how they're supposed to be and I can actually understand what my English teacher is saying.

The End

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