pg 62 - A look of bewildermentMature

I enter the classroom and take my seat next to Aidan who looks up at me. I sit down while he gives me a charming smirk. 
"What a surprise, Miss Kristal decided to arrive ahead of time for once. I appreciate the effort Elena."
I cross my legs under my chair, looking up at Mr Stalink as he ticks my name off his class list. I try to avoid his gaze as I take out my stuff for English with him in the first period. The bell rings, bringing an end to the register period and the official start to a predictably boring day of school. I would so rather be at home, sitting in my PJ's, stuffing my face with junk food and watching movies.
Suddenly, it feels like someone's stuffed cotton wool rods down my ears. It sounds like I'm eavesdropping on what's happening around me through a thick wooden door and it all just seems like a garbled, unidentifiable mess.
I try to focus in Stalink's voice, but it's faint and muffled like a radio which needs tuning. I look across at Aidan next to me, discreetly prodding him with my foot with a look of bewilderment on my face. 

He glances up from his note-writing, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion at the look on my face. He asks me what's wrong, and I can tell this by the way he forms the words with his lips. I point to me ears, whispering across to him "I can't hear anything" just incase it's only me who's being affected.

The End

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