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", An it's not like that...we were just, and I was-"
She giggles, skipping over to me then giving me a hug. "Oh hush hush, you know I'm just goading you. I would give an arm and a leg to have that hunk-a-good-looking-human who just went walking away drop me off. I'm taking the little meeting yesterday went well then..."
I hug her back, then keep pace with her as we walk towards our separate home-base classes.
"Nothing happened Anna...we were just-" and then I remember the cover story I had agreed on with Aidan, "...doing Science. Yeah, we've both been given this project to do and since I'm the only person he's made even faint contact with we got slung together for it. It's huge, and it's going to take forever, probably most of the term...luckily, he has this book from, which is going to help tremendously. Unfortunately though, his dad says he can't take it out from their house since it's valuable or antique or something like that."
"Ahhh, that's too bad then. So glad I decided not to take Science." Anna said, letting go of my arm she had held as we neared my classroom.
"Well, I'll see you in Biology then. Be sure to tell me about any further happenings with your new hot stuff"
"Anna he's not..."
But she had turned away, strutting down the school corridor before I could finish. I shake my head, chuckling at my sassy friend and how she likes to voice her opinions, no matter how strange or awkward she could make things. If I wasn't friends with her, I could even say that she's downright obnoxious at times...but you can't do anything else but love her.

The End

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