pg 60 - Making your own conclusionMature

After a short drive, we pull up into the school grounds and Aidan parks in a free spot. After the car has stopped Clarisse leans across from the back seat, ruffling Aidan's hair as if he were her younger brother instead of her older one. 
"Thanks for the lift bro, will be sure to meet you both back here when school ends."
She then springs out the car, running to catch up to a group of girls walking around to where the younger kids enter. She links her arm with one of them, giggling as she joins in on some private joke they are all sharing.
Aidan climbs out and I follow suit with my bag slung over my shoulder. We walk until we meet in the middle of his front bonnet. I give him one last smile, which probably appeared more like a grimace, before walking around the right side of him to make my way to Stalink's class for my register period.
He grabs my wrist before I get too far, pulling be back gently and says "Remember about the hand knife, Elena. Use it if you need to..."
He lets go of me, then nods his head before awkwardly making his way to class, glancing over his shoulder back at me a couple of times before walking through the school building. 
I watch him go, seeing his back disappear behind the brick walls. A rather large sigh escapes my lips, and I rub my hands over my face then pinch the bridge of my nose.
"Wow...did I miss anything from yesterday? Like you two hooking up or something along those lines?"
I flip myself around, seeing Anna standing there with a rather naughty grin pasted on her smug face. I feel my face go bright red, realizing that she must have seen me arriving at school with Aidan and then formed her own conclusion.

The End

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