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Breakfast is so good, I eat until I feel ready to burst at the seams. I help wash dishes with Evie again while Clarisse puts the leftovers away and James and Aidan clear the table.

After completing what I feel is my insufficient payment for the amazing breakfast I just ate, I retrieve my bag which I had slung over the arm of my chair and then follow Aidan and Clarisse towards the door. A quick glance at the clock allows for me to notice that we’re about to leave at the normal time I would with my dad to get to school.

James and Evie wait for us on the porch and everyone says their quick goodbyes and well-wishes for the day.

James grips my shoulder when I grin at him, saying “If you run into anymore problems Elena, look for Aidan. He’ll know what to do.”

I curtly nod my head before receiving a light peck on the cheek from Evie who adds “I know it’s hard, since your new to all this but try and stay out of trouble. I would hate to need to go find some Alterate stupid enough to come after our initiate.”

That word our makes me grin, a little fluttery feeling evident in my stomach at the acceptance once again given to me when I don’t expect it.

Aidan and Clarisse have already gotten into the car and I hear a hooting behind me, probably Aidan reminding me we’re going to be late if we don’t hurry. I give Evie a hug before running down the front porch stairs, jumping off and skipping the last few as I run to Aidan’s truck.

I slide into the front passenger seat, shutting the door just as Aidan pulls off to head up the tree-lined driveway. He turns on the radio, the sound of Frank Sinatra swooning to us all coming blasting through the speakers as we pull out of the front gate and head to school.


The End

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