pg 58 - Chapter 10: Breakfast Spread.Mature

I follow Aidan down the stairs and into the kitchen. I already smelled the heavenly aroma’s building up from down the passage but now that I’ve entered to the source of it all my stomach starts to grumble in protest at its emptiness.

Nobody is in the kitchen; however I do catch the sight of Evie’s bright blonde hair disappearing round the corner with Aidan, leading to the dining room I saw yesterday.

When I catch up to them, I see that most people are seated and Evie is just busy placing down a plate of toast on the table. My eyes eat up the sight of eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes, pork sausages, cooked button mushroom as well as the toast and a variety of condiments such as tomato sauce or butter.

If my mom had to see this, she would aptly name it a ‘Breakfast Spread’, meaning that it’s everything someone could ask for AND more. I have a feeling I need to watch my weight around Evie and James’ cooking or else I’m going to need to be airlifted by helicopter to school soon.

I hear my stomach growl again and so take the only empty seat left at the table, between Clarisse and Aidan who are already dishing up.

Evie looks around at everyone but catches my gaze. She grins and says to me “Enjoy it!” before dishing up food onto her own plate.


The End

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