pg 57 - Zip my lipsMature

Sorry for how late the post is, my  laptop recently had a mellow meltdown and so resulting in me not being able to write as much as I want. I'll be sure to do what I can. From: M.


I blurt the question which had popped into my head, feeling my pocket again where my small weapon rested. "Why all the old weaponary? Why not use something easy and safer to use from a long distance like guns? And where does this little knife thing I have come from, I've never seen it mentioned in any history texts."
Aidan turns and grabs his backpack where it had been hanging from a hook on the back of his door, responding with "Think about it Lena...we never know what period of history we'll fall into, so we don't exactly want to scare the wits out of local people by pulling out such advanced machinery when they might not have even discovered electricity yet. It was a good question though, the first one I asked and complained about when my dad had just begun sparring with the younger me. I ended up flat on my face everytime since I struggled to fight against him."
He swings the bag strap over his large shoulder and says "To answer your last question, the small hand-knife is actually something developed by the Clepsydra so it wasn't very well known. Only widespread weaponry used by a famous or recognizable group of people would be put down in the record books."
I open my mouth to ask about how bad it really was, practicing like that for the first time since that will be me soon but he cuts me off. Taking me by my elbow he  puts a finger to his lips.
"No more questions for now...I can smell breakfast wafting up and right now my stomach is speaking to me louder than you will be able to. Let's see what my parents have gotten up to and we can talk when we meet everyone downstairs to eat."
 I make the 'zipping up my lips' gesture and nod my head before being whisked off out of Aidan's room, his hold still on my elbow. He releases me once we're out and closes his door behind him before we make our way to the kitchen

The End

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