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Aidan closed my fingers over the weapon, careful to not do it too quickly that I would slice myself or do any sort of damage as he said "I want you to keep it on you. Clary and I both have our own weapons but I don't think you're ready for anything else just yet. Besides, this you can tuck into your pocket while I can't carry my spatha around during school inconspicuously and Clary would get into serious trouble if Liberatio fell out her backpack."
Sure, why not go around with little knives in hand and rebel against the 'no running with sharp objects' rule instilled in me since Pre-Primary.
I stuff the knife into my back shorts pocket, noticing that it fits perfectly and due to its thinness only makes a barely noticeable lump through the denim. 
"Hold up for a second....what's a Sparta or spate or whatever you called it and who is this 'Liberatio' fellow with the incredible ability to fit into a bag-sized space?"
"Liberatio is not a person, it's Clarisse's dagger, its full name is actually Liberatio de Vitae meaning 'Liberation from life'. The weapon is a family heirloom given to Clary by my late great-great grandmother when my sister was a baby. She carries it around with her everywhere and apparently it was the dagger used by someone part of my early family tree when they assisted in Julius Caesars assassination."
The little piece of cold steel sitting in my pocket suddenly feels very small and insignificant after hearing that lovely story.
Aidan carries on with the explanation, saying "My sword is a spatha, the one you saw me use during our little predicament outside the ice-cream parlour. It was used by Vikings and the Roman cavalry and comes from that era but has been balanced to suit me and made with stronger materials. It was the gift my father gave me when I turned 14 and I fought my way out of an angry mob during my early crossovers...I still remember him saying 'Aidan, if you're going to start experiencing things a man of the Clepsydra goes through, you need a weapon suitable for a man and not a boy'...after that he handed it to me, patted me on the shoulder, then turned around and walked away. I started training with it the very next day."
He shrugged after saying this, making it seem like being given a sword for your 14 birthday is a very casual and nonchalant thing to reality, not so much.

The End

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