pg 55 - Playing with sharp objectsMature

The whole room has, overall, a very masculine and neat feeling to it.

Aidan strides across the grey carpet, stopping in front of one of the cupboards containing drawers. He looks around in the drawer he pulls out, hunched over a little.

“Nice pad you have here...” I say, looking around and trying to take all the details in.

They say that the way someone keeps the place they spend a lot of time in reflects on the type of person they are. If that's true, then this place is definitely a thorough representation of Aidan.

He straightens up, holding something in his fists as he walks back over to me. His face has suddenly gotten very serious as he finally reaches me, those depths of turquoise rimmed with gold looking like they are very deep wells you can never reach the bottom of.

He glances down, taking my open hand in his and turning it to face palm up to us both. He reaches over with his other hand and places something small and cold in my cupped hand. Once he removes his own hand I see something what looks like a palm length sharp piece of steel. It’s very thin and double-edged, with a T-shaped handle the length of half my smallest finger.

I look up at Aidan questioningly, not knowing what in the world I hold in my hand. “So, Aidan, why have you honoured me with this gift of a glorified tin opener?”

Aidan  looks at me sombrely, grinning widely but still has a serious light still clear in his eyes. “This so called tin opener is actually a small hand-knife. Its small enough that it’s easy to hide but sharp enough to do a bit of damage if you need it to.”

He picks the knife up from my hand then places the handle in the gap between his index and middle fingers, the top of the ‘T’ shape of the handle held in the palm side of his hand with the sharp side pointing up out of the knuckle side of his hand like some X-Men wolverine impression.

“You hold it like this, see?” He removes the knife, taking my hand and placing it as it had been in his own. “It’s only really useful when people are close up to you, but hopefully with my family and me around, nobody will get that near until we’ve done some training with you.”

The End

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