pg 53 - ScrutinyMature

"Hey, ah, Elena...are you decent? Can I come in?"
I find myself brushing my hair out of my face before saying "Um, yeah, you can open the door."
The handle on the door turns before being slowly swung open. Aidan walks in hesitantly, dressed in a pair of distressed denim jeans, a beige v-neck t-shirt and a softened black leather jacket. His Vans sneakers from the day before top off the whole ensemble, along with a leather chord strung around his neck and tucked under his shirt.
Aidan peers sheepishly between the gaps of his fingers where his hand covers his eyes, removing the hand when he sees that I wasn't lying when I said I was...what had he said?...'decent'. That word is a total sign that this dude has spent some time in ye 'old England recently or can actually speak something other than 'swag' like most of the idiotic males in my school. 
I withhold a giggle, looking at him and saying "What? Didn't you believe me when I told you it was fine to come in?"
He gives me a disbelieving look then retorts with "I'd rather be safe than sorry...You've never walked in on Clary when she has one of her monthly facial mask on with her hair looking like she slept in a bush. It is nasty."
This time the giggle escapes me at the image in my head of what Clary would look like on the day mentioned....I can also picture the murderous look on her face when Aidan entered unexpectedly. 
"Oh ok, point taken then. Thanks for bringing my bag up by the way."

"Oh it wasn't a problem. Thought you might need it."
He looks me up and down before running his hand through his hair and rubbing the back of his neck. I shuffle my feet under his discreet scrutiny before he looks down at his feet sheepishly once again.
"Could you come with me quickly?"

The End

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