pg 51 - Noticeable cooperationMature

I nod my head, hearing what she says and knowing that although these are here to help me I must not take them lightly. 
"I understand. This isn't some small nap-time pill I can take if I need to catch a few Z's"
She smiles at me and chuckles slightly, patting me on the shoulder after she stands up from her spot on the floor. "Well, now we need to discuss our plans for today. I would like to say that perhaps you should go to school despite what has happened. Having a sense of routine and normality will make all that is happening a lot easier to handle."
James nods his head then says "Evie is right. You should go about your day, meet up with your friends and then we'll see you after school."
He looks down at his watch before glancing at all of us and announcing "It's a bit late to go back to bed now but I'm sure we can cook up a solid breakfast with the extra time. Evie can help me in the kitchen while the rest of you get ready for the day." 
Everyone gets up and I gather the mugs on the tray, taking them to the kitchen which by now I know my way to. Aidan and Clarisse's parents are already taking out pans and unwrapping food and it's not hard to see the precision and co-operation they have working together.
I walk down the passage to see Clary waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs leading to the rooms. I remember that my unexpected arrival means I don't have any clothes here for today so I join her as we planned earlier and we walk up to her room together.
She looks through her wardrobe upon entering then turns back to where I'm waiting at the door, carrying a pile of clothes in her hand neatly folded in a pile along with a pair of shoes. 
"If you want to accessorize, pop into my room just before breakfast and we can bling you up." She says as she hands me the stack of clothes. I grin at her before turning and walking down the remainder of the corridor, flashing another smile in her direction as I turn and walk into my room. I close the door softly behind me, hearing the small click as it shuts.

The End

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