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A few things I recognize, such as a couple of prescription medicines for headaches and flu, or the antiseptic liquid and cotton swabs from earlier. Looking deeper into the box, things begin to change and soon I'm unable to identify the dried leaves in ziplocked bags or air-tight containers, the strangely coloured liquids in little glass bottles or creams in tiny tubs.
"What in the world?...." I begin to say, a puzzled look plastered on my face.
Evie starts moving things around, looking for something among the stranger contents of the box as she says to me "Since the Clepsydra have ever so slightly different anatomy to normal people we require a few extra medicinal things. I make a few of these but a friend of ours is a great pharmacist with concerns to all our needs."
She finally finds what she's looking for, taking out a plastic pill case containing many maroon coloured tablets. "Ah, here it is! I have got to sort this thing out some time, it's a mess...." 
I'm just about to take the pill case from her hovering hand when she jerks it back a bit, looking me straight in the face before opening her mouth. 
"Listen carefully Elena. These are called Somnum Auxilium, roughly translated as 'sleep aid' in Latin. It's important that you realize that they're only a temporary cannot simply ignore your role as a Clepsydra. People who have tried using these to stop from going through their Crossovers have shown that they're bodies build up an immunity to it."
She holds out the container again and I calmly pluck it from her soft grasp while she continues.
"When they do eventually Crossover again because the drug no longer works, things don't go well. If you sat in a chair for 5 months straight, not walking at all, the muscles in your legs would become very very weak from the inactivity and this concept can be applied here. Not going through Crossovers has detrimental effects for Clepsydra and people could become, ah, 'rusty' you might say with their skills."

The End

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